Ibanez AVC 11 ANS

Ibanez AVC 11 ANS
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- Bauform: Grand Concert - Decke: Kaukasische Fichte massiv - Korpus: Mahagoni - Hals: Soft-V... mehr

- Bauform: Grand Concert
- Decke: Kaukasische Fichte massiv
- Korpus: Mahagoni
- Hals: Soft-V Shape
- Hals: Mahagoni
- Griffbrett: Ovangkol
- Brücke: Ovangkol
- Inlays: Gold Mother of Pearl Dot
- Mensur: 634mm
- Sattel: 45mm


Thermo Aged™ Solid Top and Spruce X Bracing

Thermo Aged™ Solid top w/Thermo Aged™ Spruce X bracing delivers ample volume and an enormous frequency range.

Bone nut and saddle

A bone nut and saddle provide optimal transference of the natural string vibration.

Ibanez Advantage™ bridge pins

These pins really are an advantage over old-fashioned pins. Advantage™ pins are easier to take out and easier to put in than standard pins. A special bulb-shaped end makes the pin easy to grip and also prevents the pin from being pushed in too far. Best of all, with Advantage™, the pin and string stay put.

Simplified Graph Comparing Thermo Aged™ to Non-Thermo Aged Guitars

The Thermo Aged™ process makes the sound louder across the entire frequency range, especially the bass and treble areas. (The base line in the graph represents the sound character of Non-Thermo Aged guitar). Having a Thermo Aged™ solid back brings further enhancement to the sound along with the Thermo Aged™ solid top; even more bass, even more treble, and plenty of punch.

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